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on 12 May 2005 (#7093130)
On 12 January 2017
Khem Caigan
Khem Caigan dwells in a money-pit anent the Rhinebeck Aerodrome together with his twin daughters, Tuli Viatrix and Gage Nikkal. He is predeceased by his soulmate and best friend, Emily Faith Caigan.
abraham abulafia, agent intellect, airships, alchemy, alexander shulgin, alfred north whitehead, alkindi, almutem figuris, amygdala, ann mccoy, ars memoria, aryeh kaplan, astrological magic, augoeides, aurora borealis, autopoiesis, averroes, awareness during sleep paralysis, ball lightning, belladonna, book of giants, bookbinding, carolee schneemann, catskill mountains, charles fort, charles stross, combinatorics, coulianu, coxeter, cryptology, crystal radios, crystallography, daemonic astrology, daemonology, deep ecology, deity yoga, diane di prima, earth lights, electional astrology, electric universe, electrical engineering, emily caigan, empedocles, enoch, ergodic literature, error correcting codes, evocation, extremely low frequencies, eyvind kang, flux tubes, flying ointment, four elements, four humours, geomagnetic field, geomagnetic storms, georges perec, giordano bruno, glossolalia, greek magical papyrii, grimoires, h.p. lovecraft, harmonics, harry everett smith, heinrich cornelius agrippa, henbane, henri corbin, hermetic sf, high-frequency electricity, horary astrology, ida craddock, identity transparency, imaginal, isopsephy, jacques vallee, jessica kenney, john crowley, john dee, john scotus eriugena, jorge luis borges, kabbalah, leibniz, linda weintraub, lionel ziprin, london by gaslight, lucid dreaming, magic squares, magnetoencephalography, maifreda di pirovano, marsilio ficino, metallurgy, metatron, meteorology, michael bertiaux, michael persinger, mithras, monadology, multiple personalities, nanotechnology, narratology, natural pigments, necronomicon, night hag, nyarlathotep, oil painting, pandaemonium, paola igliori, paracelsus, paschal beverly randolph, pattern poetry, pharmahuasca, picatrix, plotinus, poltergeists, porphyry, practical kabbalah, pre-socratic philosophy, procedural noise, proclus, projective geometry, quantum semiotics, raphael patai, ray peterson, remote viewing, roger zelazny, rosaleen norton, rosebud pettit, sacred geometry, salvia divinorum, sepher raziel, shining ones, simonomicon, slow lightning, spinoza, spiritualism, stoics, synaesthesia, talismanic art, tarocchi, tempera, temporal lobe, theurgy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, tricyclics, trithemius, tropanes, tryptamines, whistlers, william pensinger, wortcunning, yog sothoth