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Dear Mother Nature : Hudson Valley Artists 2012

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Jul. 27th, 2012 | 04:27 pm
location: West Hurley, New York
music: Cuckoo Bird - Clarence Ashley

Heartfelt offerings have been
created for you by forty-two
talented Hudson Valley artists.
Their artworks express
gratitude, apologies, prayers,
empathy, and much more.


~ Linda Weintraub
Exhibition Curator
Dear Mother Nature :
Hudson Valley Artists 2012

The Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art
Alice and Horace Chandler Gallery
June 23 - November 4, 2012

That amazing piece of pottery in the foreground on the right is Joan Bankemper's
Suzanna's Garden of Earthly Delights.

My own installation is on the left, back against the wall.

" Dear Mother Nature ~ " :
Materials list for my installation, First Matters :

1.) Heat-Bodied Linseed Oil & Canada Balsam ( "pine sap" )
2.) Linseed Oil – Washed
3.) Walnut Oil – Washed
4.) Walnut Oil & Canada Balsam ( "pine sap" )
5.) Myrrh Varnish - Myrrh Resin & Spirit of Gum Turpentine
6.) Frankincense Varnish - Frankincense Resin &
Spirit of Gum Turpentine
7.) Damar Varnish - Damar Resin & Spirit of Gum Turpentine
8.) Beeswax & Essential Oil of Lavender & Essential Oil of Clove Medium
9.) Beeswax & Ammonia Medium
11.) Oak Galls
12.) Red Ochre Pigment
13.) Lemon Ochre
14.) Iron Oxide Black Pigment
15.) White Chalk Pigment

The four Earth Pigments listed immediately above can be seen on the far
left of the cabinet, on top of the slab of marble that I use for grinding all of
my colours. Below is a photo of these items, along with my mortar and
pestle and my glass muller :

Four Humoural/Seasonal Colours

The Four Humoural/Seasonal Colours

Red - Sunrise - East - Air - Blood

Yellow - Noon - South - Fire - Choler

Black - Sunset - West - Earth - Melancholy

White - Midnight - North - Water - Phlegm

Below is my letter, accompanying the installation :

Dear Mother Nature :

My offering to you is to be your co-creator and ally in the ongoing
unfoldment of the World - "Natura Naturans"; that is to say, the
'Naturing of Nature'.

I dig up clay, collect rocks, roots and resins; pound, grind, wash,
blend and fuse - all in an ongoing, radiant Conversation with the
Earth, the Moon and the Sun, the Planets and the Stars.

I participate in and create Ecospheric and Astral interwindings,
interweavings and interventions, modulating and re-presenting the
Tonos and Temper of the World Soul.

Once upon a time, Alchemy was also referred to as "Terrestrial
Astronomy", owing to the fact that the Earth, too, was regarded as a
Living Star, and everything within and upon Her was held to be in
Communion with everything else by means of the Spiritus Mundi -
the 'central nervous system' of the Universe.

"All the parts of the world, because they are the works of a single
creative artist, and, as components of the same construct, are all alike
in their essence and manner of existence, are bound together each with
each by a sort of mutual affection, so that love can properly be called
the perpetual knot or link of the universe ( 'amor nodus perpetuus, et
copula mundi'
) ."  ~ Marsilio Ficino

"Having observed the Forces of all things Natural and Celestial and
having examined by painstaking investigation the Sympathy among those
things, we bring into the open Powers hidden and stored away in Nature;
thus Magic links lower things to the gifts of higher things . . . so
that astonishing miracles thereby occur, not so much as by Art as by
Nature to which ~ as Nature works these wonders ~ this art of Magic
offers herself as handmaiden."  ~ Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

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from: marginaleye
date: Jul. 27th, 2012 11:27 pm (UTC)

Beautiful! Thank you for posting that.

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