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Scale Dancing

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May. 14th, 2005 | 03:33 am

Fiddled around with my LiveJournal settings for a few hours this
morning. Managed to gum it up a few times before realizing that some of
the code I was using wouldn't work.

Let's try the vanilla maneuver and see how *that* goes.

Returned home around 10:00pm from the load-in for Emily's SCALE
installation at the 5th Annual Women's Health and
Fitness Expo
in Kingston, NY.

This time she parked 91 bathroom scales in a 7 x 13 grid inside Tech
City, a cavernous shell abandoned by deadbeat IBM when it went all
maquiladora on Ulster County.

I snaked wires up above the ceiling panels and hung four speakers
around the hall. Filled the space nicely.

Saw Robin Larsen on the way out, putting the finishing touches on
what looked to be a seven foot tall puppet.


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