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Black Light at Wardenclyffe

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May. 14th, 2008 | 04:04 pm
location: West Hurley, New York
music: Baltimore Consort - Anon: Tres Morillas

The excerpted exchange at the link below discusses
the possibility that Tesla employed ultraviolet bulbs
and/or x-ray bulbs to generate a plume of ions atop
his Wardenclyffe Device, in order to enhance the
antenna :

Re: 7.1Hz, how the heck did Tesla succeed?

Here are a few links to some patents for devices
running along the same lines :

Antenna of Ionized Air
United States Patent 2760055

Long Distance Communication System
United States Patent 2871344

Conversion of Atmospheric Electric Energy
United States Patent 1540998

Method and Apparatus for Creating
an Artificial Electron Cyclotron
Heating Region of Plasma
United States Patent 4712155

The article at this next link describes a hand-held
device that employs a pair of ultraviolet lasers to
ionize a pair of conductive paths through the air
to a target, and then uses these aerial fibers to
inflict a modulated electrical discharge upon the
central nervous system of the target :

Real Life Catches Up with Star Trek

Not only can one draw the lightning from the sky,
one can modulate these electrical discharges,
accumulate and store them to perform work,
or even project them upon a target.

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